Microsoft Project 2019 Pro 32/64 Bit (PC)
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Microsoft Project 2019 Pro 32/64 Bit (PC)

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Version: Project 2019 Professional

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Microsoft Project 2019 Professionnel 32/64 Bit


Orapeco Software provides you with the Project 2019 Professional product key in the 64-bit download variant of your choice for 1 PC.


With the download variant, you will receive the software by e-mail with your product key. So you can start creating, updating and presenting professional-quality documents quickly!


Buy the Microsoft Project 2019 Professional Pro product key at the best price from Orapeco Software.


After receiving the payment, even on Sundays and holidays, you will receive your activation code by e-mail. In exceptional cases, this may take up to 24 hours. We ask you to check also your spam folder if you don't have an e-mail box.


Features of the Project 2019 Professional program


·        Manage projects with the right schedule, budget and resources

·        Quickly create projects with numerous templates

·        Synchronize projects in the cloud or on your own server

·        View projects on and present them to employees and business partners


Project Professional 2019: Create and manage your projects efficiently


ü Project Professional 2019 is a professional and high-quality project planning software. It is used in small and large companies and allows you to create and manage projects efficiently. Integrate various personnel, time and resource planning into your project plans to always keep track of everything. If you also want to check the interim results of a project, simply call up the corresponding reports.

ü To make your project management as successful as possible, many tools have been integrated into MS Project 2019. They allow you to monitor even very complex projects and make subtle changes to them. This way, you will react to the smallest events with confidence and thus reach the desired goal faster.

ü In which field or industry a project is to be created, it does not matter for Microsoft Project Professional 2019. The software is suitable for any type of project.


Important benefits and features of Microsoft Project 2019


ü Include important resources such as costs, employees and materials in your project planning. This way, schedules can be implemented even more realistically.

ü Analyze complete processes or only individual parts of them to make appropriate decisions. Reports are available for this purpose.

ü To make individual areas and planning processes more efficient, they can be automated if desired. This makes the processes even faster and easier.

ü Several time axes with any start and end times are available for the individual processes. If desired, these can be visualized individually and thus analyzed.

ü To be able to react to changes or even problems, Microsoft Project 2019 offers special scenarios. Here you can simulate what would happen if a certain situation occurred.

ü There are many templates to choose from when creating projects. This way, there is no need to create a new project from scratch every time.


Visualize projects in a professional way with MS Project 2019


ü It is not uncommon for projects in companies to contain quite complex data. Moreover, they have various deadlines to set deadlines for different processes. In this case, it is not always easy to keep an overview.

ü For this reason, MS Project 2019 offers the possibility to visualize entire projects or individual processes. This means that they are prepared graphically and are therefore even easier to understand. To do this, you export the data to Microsoft Project, for example, in order to prepare them there additionally.

ü You can then present the visualized data to your colleagues or business partners to ensure clarity in joint projects.


Important features and innovations in Microsoft Project Professional 2019


Below are some important features and innovations in Microsoft Project 2019:


ü Real-time collaboration: Do you create and collaborate on projects together? Now you can do it in real time with your colleagues and partners. So you can see who is currently working on which project and in which area. In addition, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business support smooth communication.

ü Easy reporting: To present interim results or resource overviews, Microsoft Project 2019 has built-in reports. These contain important information and data that is critical to achieving business goals.

ü Quick start: If you are not yet familiar with Project Professional 2019, the "Getting started" quick start screen will help you. All of the software's basic functions are listed and explained, so you can get up and running quickly.

ü Graphical projects: Present schedules and other data and information in professional diagrams. Then present the charts as reports to provide interim results. This involves familiar tools such as Gantt charts.

ü Integrate resources: In addition to information and data from individual processes, resources also play an important role in projects. In Project Professional 2019, you integrate materials, costs and number of employees to best prepare.


System Requirements:


Processor: 1.6 GHz (gigahertz) or faster, 2 cores

Memory (RAM): 4 GB; 32-bit: 2 GB

Hard Drive Space: At least 4 GB

Graphics Card: Graphics card with DirectX 10

Screen Resolution: 1280 x 768 pixel display

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows Server 2019

Other: Internet connection / Microsoft account

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