Politique remboursement et retour

I. Digital products – dematerialized software

A. Refund Policy:

Once purchased software has been activated or activation has been attempted via the manufacturer's site, such as Microsoft, the software becomes non-refundable according to article L.121-20-20 of the Code of consumption. The software cannot be returned to stock if activation has been performed or attempted.

We cannot issue a refund if a customer purchased the wrong product. Example: A customer purchases Windows software for a Mac computer.

Orapeco strives to provide its customers with assistance to support the customer in the installation of the product. To ensure our customers are happy with the product(s) they order, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee, if download has not been attempted,

B. Product exchanges:

Orapeco undertakes to exchange your dematerialized product up to 14 days after the end of the order, but only if the software has not been downloaded by the customer and the product activation deadline respected.

C. Reimbursement Process:

Refunds will be credited to the credit/debit card that customers used to place their order, refunds are processed from our platform immediately, the time taken to credit the customer depends entirely on the customer card issuer and /or bank account.

D. How to initiate a refund/exchange:

Please contact us by email at support@orapeco.fr to arrange a refund or replacement.

II. Software on physical media - Intellectual property

The software sold is the exclusive property of the manufacturer and/or its licensor. No transfer of ownership can therefore be made to the software. Only a user license is granted. Any delivery and use of software is therefore subject to the license agreement accompanying the product. The user may not, in any form whatsoever, transfer, communicate, lend, reproduce (except for backup purposes), etc., for payment or free of charge, the rights of use that he has acquired and which are his. clean. The customer will refrain from allowing or encouraging any counterfeiting.

Only returns of products in the sealed and intact envelope from the factory, and having not undergone any alteration or modification are accepted.

III. Service

You have 14 days to cancel any service order in the following cases:

- The project has not yet been started by our teams (you have not received any start notification by email or email, you have not received any notification about the progress)

- The start date was not respected.

- Non-satisfaction with the service:

In the event of justified non-satisfaction with any service provision with accompanying arguments such as: The service does not correspond to the clearly expressed need, the quality of the service is unsatisfactory with regard to the specifications, absence of proof of the provision of the service service, non-compliance with deadlines (a delay of more than 72 hours), objectives or results not achieved, we will reimburse you in full within 48 hours. Simply notify us by email contact@orapeco.fr.

IV. Physical products

A. Return of goods (physical products): General

Only returns of goods which were delivered not in accordance with the order form validated by the Orapeco Company will be accepted. No return or exchange of equipment can be made without prior written agreement from the company Orapeco which will communicate the return information for this purpose (Name and return address, possibly a return number to be written on the goods, and a copy of the voucher original delivery document must be attached). Once the return information is obtained, the customer will have 4 days to return the goods (Provide us with the return tracking information). A return request email valid in replacement of a form downloadable from the Orapeco company website. The return agreement number must be written legibly on each package. The return can only concern materials and products in their original packaging, and which have not undergone any alteration or modification. The software can only be returned if it is returned in its sealed and intact envelope. No returns will be made for amounts less than €50 excluding tax. If the return follows an order error by the customer, management fees equal to 10% of the value excluding tax of the returned products will be charged, shipping costs paid are non-refundable, and for orders placed on marketplaces, will the commissions retained by the marketplace also be non-refundable.

In the event of a return not in accordance with the agreement of the company Orapeco (products not corresponding to the return authorization, products not returned in the original packaging, damaged packaging, product having been used and/or tested, return outside of deadlines, etc.), the return will be considered invalid and the product(s) concerned will be made available to the customer at the headquarters of the Orapeco company for a maximum period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the product(s). If you fail to collect this product(s) within the allotted time, the company Orapeco will freely dispose of the product(s) and the customer will lose all rights to it(s). Return costs are the responsibility of the customer. After receipt of the product in its original packaging and perfect condition, after inspection we will reimburse your purchase (subtracted from delivery costs, marketplace commission costs, and -10% of the total price of your order if the packaging is not is no longer in perfect condition).

B. Return of goods: Conditions of acceptance

Our products are of quality and from major brands carefully selected to give complete satisfaction to our customers, therefore, possible returns which are very rare are only accepted in the following cases:

- Manufacturing defect ;

- Malfunctions for which you are not responsible during the warranty period (if you have complied with the instructions for use and the device has not received any shock);

- Visible damage upon receipt of your package (supporting evidence) upon receipt of your product (make a claim within 48 hours)

C. Return for simple convenience

Specialized 90% in dropshipping, our suppliers do not accept returns of products in perfect condition. In the event of a return for simple convenience, we can accept it subject to the conditions mentioned above but no reimbursement of delivery costs will be made for orders placed on the website, by telephone, or by fax. And for orders on marketplace, no refund

commissions charged by the marketplace are not possible. Do not hesitate to cancel your order quickly before shipping otherwise you will bear the return costs for simple convenience and the commissions for purchases on marketplace, because your order validation whatever its amount mobilizes a lot of resources (our teams, management fees) and intermediaries (suppliers and carriers). After receipt of the product in its original packaging and perfect condition, after inspection we will reimburse your purchase (subtracted from round-trip delivery costs depending on the carrier, marketplace commission costs, and -10% of the total price of your order if the packaging is no longer in perfect condition).

8 - Warranty and after-sales service

The company Orapeco is an intermediary between the manufacturer / wholesaler / semi-wholesaler and the customer (individual, professional and reseller) and therefore does not provide a contractual guarantee concerning the products / materials / Software, apart from the legal guarantee. The warranty period for the products is that given by the manufacturer or manufacturer and is the sole responsibility of the latter.

Warranty periods may vary from one manufacturer to another. The manufacturers' warranty conditions will be communicated to any buyer who makes a written request; they can also be consulted on the manufacturer's website. In the event of a breakdown upon unpacking, the customer must take the necessary steps, in the event of a manufacturer's warranty, to comply with the after-sales service process of the manufacturer of said products. For any after-sales service request other than a breakdown during unpacking, the customer must request prior agreement from the company Orapeco; the customer can refer to the conditions appearing on the Orapeco company website and/or contact the after-sales service which will give him all the necessary information and terms. For all purposes, the Orapeco company reminds that products which have been subject to breakage or improper handling are excluded from the manufacturer's warranty as well as from the guarantee granted by the Orapeco company.

In the event of the disappearance of a manufacturer, constructor or publisher, the company Orapeco will not assume any liability in terms of warranty. The manufacturer is solely authorized to give the period during which it will provide after-sales service and/or spare parts concerned by the products/hardware/software.

The company Orapeco only transmits the information provided by the manufacturer on these deadlines and cannot be held liable in the event that the manufacturer does not respect the deadlines to which it has committed. The buyer will have to take action against the manufacturer.

Malfunction 14 days after delivery: Return accepted – 2 year warranty (contact the manufacturer directly)

For the majority of our suppliers, your item is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 2 years. The warranty covers manufacturing defects but in no case damages/malfunctions following shocks or following non-compliance with the instructions for use.

Manufacturers generally accept returns after 14 days for the following cases only:

- Manufacturing defect (under the discretion of the manufacturer)

- Malfunctions for which you are not responsible during the warranty period (if you have followed the instructions for use and the device has not received any shock)

- Visible damage upon receipt of your package (supporting evidence) upon receipt of your product (make a claim within 48 hours)