VPN Avast SecureLine (10 PC/ 1,2,3 years / global)
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VPN Avast SecureLine (10 PC/ 1,2,3 years / global)

Manufacturer: Avast

Version: SecureLine VPN

Delivery time: Immediate, by mail

Validity: 1 year/2 years/3 years

Delivery: By mail

Support: 24/7

  • 10 devices
  • 1 year
  • 2 Years
  • 3 Years


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Avast SecureLine VPN

Encrypt your Internet connection and enjoy complete online privacy.


For more digital freedom


With Avast SecureLine VPN, you can prevent hackers from attacking you on public Wi-Fi and block third-party tracking of your web activity. Plus, you can bypass all geographic blocks and access the content you want.

Complete anonymity: Hide your web activity from your ISP, hackers, employers and other onlookers.


Secure connection: Secure all networks, even public ones.


Access content from around the world: Bypass geographic blocks and see what your streaming service offers in other regions.


Super-fast browsing: Connect to one of our many fast servers located around the world.


One-click privacy features


Open source privacy software: SecureLine VPN uses OpenVPN and OpenSSL privacy protocols, which are known for their popularity, reliability and transparency.


No logging: No one can see the applications you use, the sites you visit or the content you watch.


AES-256 encryption: Encrypt all your incoming and outgoing data so no one can access it.


Complete anonymity: With our shared IP address, you can blend in with the crowd of Avast SecureLine VPN users.


Wi-Fi and network security: Secure your connections on mobile hotspots, even on dangerous public Wi-Fi (coffee shops, airports, parks, etc.).


IP address masking: Keep your real IP address secret with IPv4 and block IPv6 requests with DNS leakage protection.


Smooth streaming and gaming: Share private videos with our P2P-optimized servers.


Access content from anywhere in the world: Bypass geographic blocks and access your favorite programs from anywhere.


P2P experience: Watch movies in HD, play games without lag, and transfer large files in one click.


Select 700 servers in 34 countries: Wherever you are, we have the right server for you.



Android TV support: Stream securely and privately from your connected TV (Android TV, Nvidia Shield TV or Mi Box).


No surveillance, no prying eyes

Don't worry: neither your ISP, nor the government, nor your employer can see what you're doing on the Internet. With one click, all your activity is hidden.


What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your Internet connection. This keeps your web activities private and prevents third parties (ISPs, employers, governments, hackers...) from watching what you do. A VPN also allows you to bypass geographical blocks and thus access content from other countries.


Who is monitoring your web activity?


Internet service providers can :

- See everything you do on the Internet

- Sell your browsing history, your financial or medical history


Employers can:

- Watch what you do online

- Block your progress if you violate company policy


Hackers can:

- Impersonate you

- Hack into your accounts


Governments can:

- Censor content

- Spy on you


Avast SecureLine VPN keeps your privacy


IP address masking: The IP address is one of the main elements that allow ISPs and other curious people to track your web activity. Only disclose what you need to: our servers will mask your real address and assign you a new one.


Shared IP address: It's easier to go unnoticed in a crowd. Every time you connect to our servers, you get the same IP address as all the other users connected to them. This makes it much harder to associate traffic from that server with any of you.


DNS leakage protection: We keep your browsing data safe from DNS leaks so your ISP never accesses your IP address or web activity.



No logging: Once you are connected to our servers, we do not look at the applications you use, the websites you visit or the content you watch. This means that even if someone asks us what you're doing, we simply can't answer that question.


Smart VPN Mode: Enjoy smooth browsing without compromising on security and privacy. Smart VPN automatically selects the best server location, so you can live your digital life with peace of mind.


Secure all connections


One click protects you from network threats, hackers and scammers. You are not alone on this network. We use bank-grade encryption to send your communications securely over all networks, even the most dubious ones.


Protect yourself from network threats


With our bank-grade encryption, your data is always safe from scammers and network threats.


Protect yourself from common cyber scams


On the Internet, it's not always easy to recognize scam attempts. Fortunately, Avast SecureLine VPN provides advanced protection against these common attacks.


Access the world's content from anywhere


Bypass geographical blocks and stream the programs you want from anywhere in the world.


It's your Internet connection!


Your IP address is not only used to track your web activity, but also to restrict you on certain services. Avast SecureLine VPN blocks spies and allows you to anonymously access anything you want from anywhere in the world.


Stream securely from your connected TV (Android)


Sit back and stream whatever you want from your connected TV (Android TV, Nvidia Shield TV or Mi Box). Say goodbye to pirates and geo-restrictions. Get out popcorn and big screen!


ü Security for all Android TV devices

ü Privacy for your big screen programs

ü No bandwidth limits

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