How to order on orapeco.fr ?

Ordering your software on orapeco.fr is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Once in the home page and in one of the categories, position yourself on the desired product. Two options are proposed: you can get a quick view (orange eye button) or add directly to the cart (cart button), or simply click on the product picture (outside the two above mentioned buttons).  

2. Consult the description and details of the product, and the comments of other customers; 

3. If the product is in stock, choose the quantity and click on add to cart (you can share with your friends on social networks so they can benefit from the current advantages);

4. You will receive the proposal to continue shopping or to proceed to checkout, click on proceed to checkout; 

5. You will be taken to the shopping cart with the possibility of deleting an item or changing the quantity. If you agree with the summary, click on order.

6. You are asked to log in (if you are already an orapeco.com customer with an existing and active account) or to create an account (fill in your information and contact details), click on "continue". 

7. If your information and addresses (billing and delivery) are correct, click on "continue", choose the delivery method (by mail for the software), click on "continue"; 

8. Choose your payment method; 

9. Make the payment with the chosen payment method;

10. After receiving your payment you will receive an e-mail with your product key, a download link, an instruction manual and, if you wish, an invoice with VAT included.

When paying by PayPal or credit card you will instantly receive an e-mail confirming your purchase and a detailed invoice. If you pay by bank transfer, you will receive the invoice within two working days.

How long does it take to receive the delivery of my product key and its installation ?

When paying by PayPal/Credit Card/Instant Transfer, you will receive the product within seconds by e-mail. In special cases, it can take up to ten minutes, depending on your email provider. In exceptional cases (technical problems) it can take up to an hour.

When making a bank transfer, we first have to wait for the payment to be received. In general, the payment arrives within one working day. However, it can take up to two working days. And if you have chosen delivery by post, you will receive everything by e-mail first. The letter is normally sent within two working days.

If I have lost my software activation key, what can I do ?

Send us an e-mail to support@orapeco.fr and our support team will be happy to send you your software activation key again (in this case, use the same addresses you used when you placed your order and fill in the reference of the invoice you received and the reference of the order) 

What personal data should I enter when ordering ?

You can do it as a guest, in this case, you must fill in your name, first name, full address and your payment details. Or simply log in with your login details if you have an existing account or create one. 

Can I receive the invoice with VAT indicated ?

Yes, in fact, when you place your order, simply indicate that you wish to receive an invoice, and enter your address. You will receive the invoice immediately after payment is received by email.

What if my product key stops working?

In general, there is no problem while using your product key. However, in exceptional cases, we encourage you to contact us by e-mail spport@orapeco.fr . We will find a solution as soon as possible and provide you with a spare license.

I have been waiting for the license to arrive for at least 10 minutes, what can I do ?

Unfortunately, with the Internet it happens that typing errors occur in the delivery e-mail address or that the delivery simply did not work.

Please check your spam folder first. If you do not find any delivery e-mails for your product, please contact us at spport@orapeco.fr . We will take care of it immediately and as soon as possible. 

Are the Windows and Office products also for MAC ?

The products are not directly intended for MAC operating systems. However, you can use it on a virtual Windows interface.

Will my data be stored and transferred securely ?

We assure you that your data is perfectly safe, because security is one of our highest priorities. We have been verified by TLS & SSL. This means that your data is 100% encrypted and transferred with proven and secure technology.

I didn't get an answer to one of my questions. How can I contact you ?

Our contact information (email) can be found on our contact page. You can also use our contact form.